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31 October 2010

Segítséget szeretnék kérni!

Sürgosen szükségem lenne egy jó nagy BOGRÁCSra, Londonból rendeltem de csúsznak vele, így elég kilátástalan a 5-ei bogrács gulyás party!

Ha esetleg bárki tudna eladót vagy kölcsön adná a sajátját az nagy nagy segítség lenne mert az egész család, barátok már nagyon várják a gulyást!!

A segítséget elore is köszönöm!

Flórián Réka

07 707 096353

6 July 2010

Passionate about wedding photography

"Have you ever noticed, how long a blink of an eye takes?
A split second.
Although something very important might happen in this very short time:

we can fall in love."

Anikó Boholy is a wedding photographer located in Brighton. She is passionate about wedding photography.

"I think it's such a privilege to capture the couple's happiness, to be part of it! I can't help not to be effected by their feelings, and it makes me even more inspired to capture the greatest moments of the day" - she says.
She spends her time in the summer mostly in Brighton Marina, and travels abroad for a longer holiday in the winter, "chasing the Light".

To contact Anikó:
tel: 01273 397058    mobile 07 534 924104

A fényképészetért szenvedélyesen rajong

"Figyelted már, mennyi ideig tart egy szempillantás?
A másodperc töredékéig.
Bár valami igen lényeges történhet ez alatt a rövidke id
ő alatt:
szerelembe eshetünk."

Boholy Anikó esküvői fotográfus, Angliában, Brighton városában él és tevékenykedik. A fényképészetért szenvedélyesen rajong.

"Kivételes helyzetben vagyok, hogy 'megleshetem' a menyasszony és v
őlegény boldogságát, és magam is részese lehetek. Érzéseik automatikusan engem is magukkal ragadnak, ami igencsak inspiráló, és lehetővé teszi, hogy könnyűszerrel ráhangolódhassak az eseményekre, és megörökítsem a nap legnagyszerűbb pillanatait." - nyilatokozta Anikó.

Ideje nagy részét nyáron a Brighton-i kiköt
őben tölti, télen pedig néhány hétre távoli országokba utazik, hogy személyesen megtapasztalja a különböző kultúrák esküvői hagyományait."


16 March 2010

Tisztelt Magyar Kozosseg!

Bojte Timea vagyok, bebiszitter Brighton-ba egy honapja. Orommel ertesultem letukrol, melyet csaladomnak koszonhetek. Szeretnem felvenni a kapcsolatot magyarokkal, a kik itt Brighton-ba vagy valahol kozel laknak hozzam. Segitseguket kernem. Es oromel megjelenek marcius 20-an a szombati napra eso talalkozon.

Koszonettel, Timea


5 October 2009

Swimming lessons in Eastbourne

Magyar úszóedzo által vezetett magánúszóiskola várja az úszni vágyó gyerekeket Eastbourneban.

Vörös Péter

07869 323107

Private swimming school run by Hungarian swimming coach offers swimming lessons in Eastbourne.

Péter Vörös

07869 323107

6 July 2009

We have been told about a new Hungarian delicatessen in London. Details here:
Egy új londoni magyar élelmiszerboltról értesültünk. Íme, az adatai:

Miklós Dömsödi
52 Sewardstone Road
Chingford   E4 7PR

Click to have a look at their website

Find the shop on a north London map

22 December 2008

We thought your members would be interested to know that we have provided from my wife Diana's family their recipe for 'Kolbasz' to Frank Richards & Son Butchers in Lewes (25 Western Road, Lewes BN7 1RL   01273 473086), opposite County Hall and between the Black Horse Inn and Pelham Arms. They are now regularly making Hungarian Sausages.

They're very tasty and the best I've had outside Hungary. At the moment they are all fresh. Whilst not available yet, they are also intending to smoke some too, just like the ones available home made or in the markets in Hungary.

Merry Christmas.

Simon Coleman

Lewes town centre

Frank Richards & Son Butchers,
25 Western Road, Lewes

November 2008

Hungarian Dances - the CD of the novel

Jessica Duchen writes:

When I asked the distinguished French violinist Philippe Graffin, a treasured friend and colleague, to check the manuscript of my novel Hungarian Dances for musical errors, I little dreamed he'd respond by making this recording: a CD inspired by the book. It is the first time, as far as I know, that an international musical star has ever elected to record a new album in response to a contemporary novel!

He has chosen a stunning programme including Dohnányi's Andante rubato alla zingaresca, Hubay's Hejre Kati, some Violin Duos and the Romanian Dances by Bartók, Monti's Csárdás, four of Brahms's Hungarian Dances, and much more. He and his wonderful pianist Claire Désert have created a daring, exciting and evocative album that is filled with personality and atmosphere; it will assuredly be enjoyed not only by readers of the book but by lovers of Hungarian music, the Gypsy violin tradition and great performance for its own sake.
Hungarian Dances - the CD

The novel, set in Lewes and Budapest, concerns a young Anglo-Hungarian music teacher, Karina, and her grandmother, the celebrated violinist Mimi Rácz who was born into a dynasty of Gypsy musicians in 1915. As Karina uncovers the long-hidden secrets of Mimi's life, she begins to grow into a new identity of her own. Many of these pieces of music appear in the novel; all reflect its world; and the Dohnányi is the closest thing I have ever heard to my fictional composer Marc Duplessis' lost concerto. And though this CD is designed to complement the book, we hope you will enjoy it equally in its own right: a celebration of the spirit of old Central Europe, the violin as the voice of that world, and the instrument's capacity for intensity, rhapsody, poetry and passion.

Last but not least, the 'luthéal' is an early-20th-century device, invented by the composer Maurice Ravel, which provides the piano with stops that make it imitate the timbre of the Hungarian cimbalom. Claire performs on a contemporary copy of Ravel's luthéal in several key works here, adding yet another dimension to a disc already brimming with ideas.

I am overwhelmed to think that my book has sparked off such a beautiful recording. I hope you will love it as much as I do!                                                                

Hungarian Dances: the CD
Philippe Graffin (violin), Claire Désert (piano/piano-luthéal), Tom Eisner (Violin II, Bartók Duos) and friends
Onyx Classics ONYX 4039

Available NOW to order
or download from Onyx Classics

31 July 2008

People reading inspired a celebrated photographer

André Kertész's father was a bookseller.  That may explain how he became preoccupied with capturing images of people reading.  On the street or perched on window-sills, in one country or another the subjects of his photos are utterly absorbed in books, newspapers and even, in one case, a Bible.  Kertész died in 1985 and a marvellous collection of his work on this theme has just been re-punlished.  It covers some 55 years of his photography.

On Reading is published by the New York based independent publisher W.W. Norton and Company (500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110), and has just been released in the UK.

8 March 2008

A novel set in Budapest and Lewes

A novel published this week is set partly in Budapest and partly, by coincidence, in Lewes!

Hungarian Dances follows three generations of a family of Hungarian musicians and spans some eighty years, from 1918 to the present day: it is described as 'a love story, a mystery and a tale of extraordinary personal transformation'.

The book was published by Hodder & Stoughton this week, launched in a presentation at the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London on 4 March, organised by the British-Hungarian Fellowship.  At the event Lady Valerie Solti made a speech and violinist Tasmin Little performed Bartók.

A paperback edition will be published on 24 July, and an associated CD of violin music by Hungarian composers may be released around then too.

Author Jessica Duchen spends much of the summer in the Lewes area - her husband is a violinist in the London Philharmonic Orchestra which plays at Glyndebourne from May to August. Hungarian Dances is her third novel. She is also a music journalist for The Independent.

There's a special website devoted to the book and to more about the Hungarian background.   You can even download the first few pages as a taster.  Click on the book cover here.
"Hungarian Dances" published by Hodder & Stoughton, March 2008.

11 September 2007
from Colin Penny, Matra Wildlife Tours

Jó estét kivánok to the members of Sussex Hungarian Society !  I thought I'd drop you a line as my partner, Terez, and I have started a small eco-tourism venture in the Matra mountains of Hungary, and we wondered if it might be of interest to some of your members.  Please take a look at our web site for more information.   As the site says, although we mainly provide holidays for wildlife enthusiasts, we are also able to provide tours of castles and historic cities. We can arrange light aircraft or glider flights from the local airfield, and also trips to watch matches from the professional women's handball (női kézilabda) league.  In closing, we wish you continued success with your comparatively new society, and hope to meet some of your members in Hungary sometime in the future.

Find out more at their website www.matrawildlife.com or phone +36 637 320176

8 September 2007

Lori and Mike Horsfall moved to Dóbrókóz in Tolna county 2 years ago.  They have guest accommodation including a verandah, reception, bathroom, large lounge/dining room and bedroom. They can accommodate up to 5 persons.  Set in rural southern Hungary, it's a place to get away from stress, anxiety and the modern pace of living - ideal for reading, painting, relaxing and enjoying nature in its calm, peaceful and tranquil setting and garden.

Find out more at their website www.aholiday4me.com

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